Renovar a Mouraria
Beco do Rosendo, 8 e 10 , 1100-460 Lisbon
+351 218 885 203 | +351 922 191 892

The Associação Renovar a Mouraria (ARM) is a community organization established in 2008 for the revitalization of Lisbon’s Mouraria district. The organisation redeveloped a government-owned derelict building into a small cultural centre with a cafe and office space. ARM’s action plan is based on inclusion and inter-generational living, which is reflected in the launch of the local newspaper Rosa Maria, citizen support services, public workshops, and classes at the Mouraida Community House.

Renovar A Mouraria drawing class

Renovar A Mouraria Cafe

Aiming to attract a new crowd and give a boost to the local business climate, they created a map showing all the neighbourhood’s pubs and ethnic restaurants. They host live music performances and other activities such as a monthly pub quiz with the local population and tours through the area help attract visitors.  The money they make allows them to offer homework assistance and literacy classes free of charge to less affluent residents of Mouraria.

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