Re-Think Athens
Panepistimiou Street , Athens, Greece


The Re-think-Athens project is an intervention that aims primarily to contribute to the revitalization of the centre of Athens. It includes the installation of a tram line and an extension of another. This creates a pedestrian and bicycle friendly street design of Panepistimiou avenue, without being converted into a complete pedestrian zone. This sustainable project is designed by the Dutch landscape architects OKRA with an extensive water retention network to capture rainwater. It was funded by Onassis foundation.

This project attempts to revive the Panepistimiou Street, creating a meeting spot and improving the overall quality of life. However this causes some controversy regarding ‘who’ this large scale redevelopment project is for, since the Athenian society is quite car-centric. Although the sustainability of the future of transport and movement in the city is considered, social sustainability strategies, like place making initiatives, were not completely utilized in this process.




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