Pod Pyramídou
Mýtna 2826/1 , 811 05 Bratislava

The space roof terrace is located under the pyramid of the Slovak Radio. Members of the civic association Jedlé mesto and the local initiative NA STRECH had the ambition to make this space available to the public in order to revitalise and contribute to the development of the neighborhood and the city.

In cooperation with the owner of the space: Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS), the collective achieved to reopen it after 20 years closed, making it accessible and transform it into an inclusive and viable public space. Initiators believe that if people have the opportunity to meet and share together space on an informal basis, they will communicate and seek ways of mutual understanding, respect and cooperate to achieve shared objectives, addressing small challenges, and major challenges such as the transformation of the urban environment to a more comfortable and more enjoyable place.

The community as a whole contributes with a lot of hours of voluntary work, knowledge and experience. Members of the organizing team, volunteers, neighbors, co-workers, worked together to develop the previously inaccessible space and converted into a unique living space. Thanks to the support of media RTVS, different activities were programmed with local and national publicity spreading awareness of the emerging new public space.


In 2015 several activities and the creation of a a urban farm allowed to revitalize the space. The RTVS helped to build a stage beneath the pyramid. Many concerts, exciting live radio broadcasts, and the creation of the first edition of the Summer Cinema took place.

Due to the good success, Jedlé mesto offered RTVS to create an attractive and inclusive public space on the terrace. RTVS accepted the offer and provided rights to the space. They worked together creating a cooperation agreement.

But in December 2015 the cooperation agreement with RTVS concluded. After these events the members of the community garden and volunteers were evicted and removed of the roof terrace. Initiators are still working on new ideas to continue with the project still greatly motivated by the positive energy and the love for the area.


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