Pata de Gallo
Av. Oswaldo Guayasamin E4-145 , Quito
+593 (9) 99 694 369

A ventilation space for clothing stores, a clandestine restaurant, and now home of a multidisciplinary group that works in various areas between design, architecture, interactivity and digital manufacturing. A rebuilt place, looking for projects of social, cultural and artistic dimension. From its beginning is a space full of storytelling.

“… it results much more profitable to eliminate [a space], than rebuild it…to start from scratch…We knew, that wasn’t our case!”


In the rural parish of Cumbayá, at the east side of Quito – within the Creative District “La Tejedora” – there’s a small but steady place where ideas meet, interact and create dialogue: Pata de Gallo.

Its mission; to make a creative hotspot, a space to engage people in several multidisciplinary tasks, teaching processes and tools that promote collaboration and self-sufficiency. A fluid space where free ideas, projects and exchange of thoughts happens.

“…tarred soil, mineralized walls, a mustard color filled the whole place… everything we see now was part of a great process”

The Creative District “La Tejedora” is a place re-created/re-designed by Michel Dreyer, an architect and a member of ‘Pata de Gallo’. The vision, enthusiasm and call for different professional approaches have generated a space where workshops, offices, coworking and networking of different branches are located. Since 2015 and with the idea for not being known as a business. “Pata de Gallo” felt called for appropriating a space practically in ruins.

“… And we start by chopping bricks and floors, removing weight to the place… we got to know each other -as a collective- while we were building this place, our home.”

Many of the flaws that existed have been left intentionally and has taken part of the re-construction of this place. They all deal as elements, says Cristina Muñoz, an interactive designer and one of the five members of “Pata de Gallo”. Their vision for the future will be to make part and be named as a “dirty workshop” where materials, tools and projects are allowed in a real time work. Without any doubt sustainable space growth and linker’s place between people of the community and new residents of this part of the District, is one of the biggest dreams of the collective.

Clearly, the pass of time in this place ‘remains intact’ and turns out to be the heartbeat of this place.

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Cristina Muñoz
Pata de Gallo
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