Das Packhaus
Marxergasse 24/2 , 1030 Vienna

The organization Paradocks offers space for cultural and artistic initiatives in Vienna. They used an empty office block of 2.200 m² to offer this space and named it ‘Das Packhaus‘.

The office block is seven stories high and offers around 65 studios for companies of any sort to share their skills and work together. The space will only be available until the end of 2016, so flexibility of the companies is required. A café has popped up downstairs, the walls have been painted and the inside is decorated. In the two years the office space is available, there will be experimented and thought about how Vienna can be made into a better city. Das Packhaus already turned out to be a success since only a few rooms are still available.

The initiators called themselves ‘Paradocks’ for a reason. They are against the principle of space as a capitalist product, and want to offer a safe haven (dock) for people to meet each other. Paradocks initiators Veronika Kovacsova and Margot Deerenberg will be present during the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit on the 4th and 5th of February.

Involved city makers
Veronika Kovacsova
Urban designer & researcher at Paradocks
Margot Deerenberg
Urban researcher at Paradocks
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