NDSM wharf
Tt. Neveritaweg 61 , 1033 WB Amsterdam

The NDSM wharf is not that well-known to tourists visiting Amsterdam, as well as many locals. However, the NDSM wharf is a perfect spot to eat, see street art, get inspired, relax and drink a beer, visit a festival or one of the many other events it hosts. 

When visiting the NDSM wharf, its previous purpose immediately shows itself; an immensely big warehouse still stands. Little imagination is needed to see that ships were built here. However, after the company closed in 1984, squatters began to fill the empty spaces. This was the beginning of the cultural hotspot that it is now. What stands out when visiting the docklands is the big crane to the left. It was renovated in 2013 and now houses a hotel with 3 rooms. Next to that, it offers you the possibility to bungee jump.

City of artists

When stepping inside the big NDSM warehouse, a city of artists can be found. Inside the lodge, more than 200 creatives have been found a space to work. Here you can find many studio’s, theatre spaces and even an indoor skatepark. So certainly don’t forget to take a look inside!

Source: ndsm.nl

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