Museo MAAM
via Prenestina 913 , Rome

The Museo di dell’Altro e dell’Altrove Metropoliz (MAAM) is located in an abandoned former salami factory and has a dual function: an exhibition space for contemporary art and housing for two hundred homeless Roma.

Where the Roma families live, the walls are painted by artists and the children often play in the studios and exhibition spaces of the alternative museum.


MAAM is reminiscent of the time of squatting and activism, but with contemporary tools: a Facebook page with over 8000 likes, 96,000 hits on Google and plenty of videos on Youtube. It is a smart way to call attention to the project and change the portrayal in the media about Rome.


Today MAAM is a beloved art institution in Rome: the place to be for the cultural elite. The Roman authorities are hesitant to clear the popular salami factory, as every sophisticated Roman knows about MAAM and their shows

Museo MAAM

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