Mörchenpark e.V.
Holzmarktstraße 25 , 10243 Berlin

“Room for gardening, ideas and creative leisure” is the motto of Mörchenpark e.V. association. The Mörchenpark was formed to recreate the green part of Holzmarkt Quartier. The association engages the public and all interested citizens in the development of gardens and green areas of Holzmarkt. Everyone can participate and also join over 600 members in an association-family or support the project with a small donation!

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The Mörchenpark is a green part of the Holzmarkt neighbourhood along the banks of the Spree. The Holzmarkt Cooperative formulated an answer to the local concerns and demands by acquiring a piece of land at the riverbank that connects Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshein. They set out to develop the 18,000m2 of land for nature, economy, and culture: creating an open space for creativity, living and working: open to all. Holzmarkt will feature low density, permeability, and low-cost DIY buildings ensuring low rents.

Involved city makers
Christian Grauvogel
President Mörchenpark e.V.
Janna Schlender
Mörchenpark e.V.
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