Modern Agora
Námestie SNP 25 , 811 01 Bratislava

It is a place in Bratislava that fulfils basic — yet essential functions within the vision of many city makers. Every city should have a spot like this, preferably even more: the >Mestské centrum Stará tržnica< which translates as the >Old Market Hall< combines several functions within one beautiful building.

By offering the space to be used in multifunctional ways, a broad range of people of different interests, ages, and backgrounds can find their way together. It is a cultural center where exhibitions, concerts, and other inspiring daylight and night-joy events take place. The three main criteria that determine the activities are: urban culture, markets and daily services. It offers joint experiences for inhabitants just as for visitors of Bratislava. Avoiding single-sided use keeps the spot vibrant — by creating overlap of the diverse users.

The heartbeat of this place is its weekly market on Saturdays. It is a format for local farmers and small producers to directly connect with their customers. Their products fulfill the criteria of honest, local and seasonal food. These markets are accompanied by cultural activities, book markets, second hand and antique markets. Side programmed to the markets you can >consume< educative and cultural activities, also aiming at children.

Since 2013, in cooperation with the municipality of Bratislava, this spot is inviting by its beautiful historic building structures and the activities are surpassing the general repertoire of these spaces: they are offering unique services such as tapping sparkling water from their own soda water manufacture, including recyclable bottles!

They are open to input from citizens, stimulating their active participation in the city development and especially offering them the possibility to connect with each other.

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