Matadero Madrid
Plaza de Legazpi, 8 , 28045 Madrid
+34 915 177 309
Matadero Madrid is a cultural and art center created by the city in 2006 with the purpose of “promoting research, production, formation and the spread of creation and contemporary thinking in all its activities.” The center occupies the 1920’s buildings of Madrid’s former slaughterhouse (matadero).
The surface of the center exceeds 85 000 m2, a number that reveals the potential of the place. The domains of creation present at the center encompass any kind of artistic expression, from fashion, to architecture to product design. Each day, Matadero offers several inspiring and stimulating shows and meetings.
The spacious halls are adaptable for any set such as a music studio or a cinema and the vast esplanade of the complex occasionally transforms itself into a market, a bicycle race path or a concert place.
For more information about Matadero’s rich program and institutions, visit its website. Among Matadero’s institutions, we would like to especially mention Intermediae that aims at researching and promoting ideas for social innovation through arts and culture.
Representation of «La Casa de Bernarda Alba" at Matadero Madrid. © Teatro Español
«Fallen Fruit». Intermediae. © Intermediae
The Cineteca's silver screen and its singular and beautiful design © mataderomadrid
The Nave de Música, the musical center of Matadero and its recording studio on the right of the picture © efe
Involved city makers
Carlota Álvarez Basso
Director of Matadero Madrid
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