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The City Makers Summit will take place from the 27th of May until the 30th of May. As part of the Summit, we will visit eight Dutch cities to see how they make their city on Saturday the 29th. Maastricht-LAB will be part of the tour in Maastricht.

In Maastricht a platform for new city transition launched in 2012 called Maastricht-LAB. The lab is a platform in which co-creation developments are being applied in real life. 

Examples of successful city transitions developed by Maastricht-LAB are amongst others the creation of an innovative concept for the redevelopment of a fire station and the design for a new plan to combine the Tapijnkazerne to the city park.

Maastricht-LAB does not initiate their own projects, but works closely together with people and organisations that fit the theme of new city transitioning. The knowledge that is accumulated in this process is being spread to everyone interested; companies, institutions and entrepreneurs in the so-called LAB-journals. But not only here the knowledge is shared, meetings and activities are regularly organised to fit this purpose and keep the public debate about new city transitioning going. Take a look at the agenda and plan your trip to Maastricht-LAB!

Source: stedenintransitie,.nl

A network of City Makers has been created within Maastricht-LAB. These people are the ones who actively participate in the activities. And the best thing of all: the structure of Maastricht-LAB allows for different groups to interact. Students for example are encouraged to contribute to the public debate about new city transitions through a premium programme at the University of Maastricht.

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