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North of Copenhagen is the special Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It strikes a rare balance between  architecture, landscape and art in a unique interaction  It is also hosts a variety of activities and events including music, and recorded talks.  With 3,500 works  in the collection covering 1945 to present, there always is a rotating permanent collection on display.

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What makes it great is that it is open until 22:00 from Tuesday to Friday making it accessibly to a wider audience while changing the idea of the traditional stiff museum which closes before dark. Louisiana Museum gets closer to the meaning of an ‘experience’ than most other museums do with the Sculpture Park and Sound in the twilight and evening light.

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One of the recent exhibitions which caught much attention for its disruption of the clean pale museum walls was the “Riverbed.” Olafur Eliasson recreated a rock landscape he saw on a hike in Iceland inside, which pushes visitors from their comfort zone by adjusting their movements within the exhibition posed with the visual beauty of the nature. The staged form of nature in “Riverbed” challenges the idea of art, the museum and the acceptable norms and forms of existence in the clean high-quality white spaces. Its friendlier than most exhibitions precisely because it ruins the look of traditionally sterile look in an accessible way. A beautiful site anyone can understand.

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