Ever in need of a sewing machine, but just for a short time? Or how about pursuing your musical ambitions but you are not to keen on buying a guitar just yet? Get moving to the Library of Things.

Next to have a great name, the concept is even better. At the Library of Things, you are able to borrow ‘things’ that you need, but do not want to or can not buy. The system works the same as any ordinary library. However, the books have been replaced by useful objects.

There is just one problem, the Library of Things is not yet up and running. This Kickstarter project is working to get the great concept to London.

Help Library of Things open a flagship store in South London that gives people access to useful items, so they don’t need to buy them.

Their goal is to eventually bring a Library of Things to every community in London, lets help them do so!

library of things

Involved city makers
Emma Shaw
Financial Director Library of Things
James Tattersfield
Marketing Director Library of Things
Rebecca Trevalyan
Operation Director Library of Things
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