Långholmen Hotel
Långholmsmuren 20 , 117 33 Stockholm
+46 8 720 85 00

Långholmen is one of the fourteen islands of Stockholm. It is a green sanctuary in the city. Popular among locals to go on weekend walks, organize a picnic or take a swim from one of its small beaches, it also hosted a prison in activity until 1975 before it was transformed into a hotel and hostel with 112 rooms/cells.

Clients of the hotel sleep in cells with small windows and thick walls but the atmosphere is cozy and overall very comfortable. The history of the place is very present especially due to the presence of a small museum dedicated to the past of the institution and telling anecdotes on its former inmates.

Långholmen Hotel is not the unique case of reconverted prison. Wether they are abandoned for not being suitable to modern standards or because of depopulation, confinement institutions often find a new purpose by investors, such as in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, Canada or in the US.

As the inmate population in certain European countries decreases, we might see more and more of these place reconversions except of course if trans-European inmates transfers become more frequent and maintain prisons active.

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