PopUp Laboratorio
Lizardo García entre 12 de octubre y Tamayo , 170143 Quito

Local organic pop up restaurant

La Ideal is a multifunctional space in Quito. One of its special functions is the Laboratorio on the first floor – a unique restaurant concept. After you enter you arrive at a space with high ceilings where you will find an open kitchen and long tables for the visitors.

The intention behind the ‘Laboratorio’ is based on a dynamic structure: every three months it changes its chef, concept and therefore culinary experience. This gives emerging chefs the opportunity to test their idea and project. They can come to the laboratory and use all the utensils, machines and the connection to local, organic suppliers.

This place uses local products to boost the local economy. Yet it is very international: so far it provided an experimental space for five chefs from different parts of the world.

By its structure, the laboratory offers space to explore and experiment with a new idea and also to implement them into the real market. It is an incubator that supports these new ideas, and small projects without a big investment, an affordable trial and error test.


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