La Ruche
84 quai de Jemmapes , 75010 Paris
+31 (0) 1 83 64 59 04

La Ruche (the hive) is a space dedicated to creation and work in social entrepreneurship. Since 2008 La Ruche gathers a hundred people who are developing companies that would give an answer to society’s challenges in an open space. The space-lab is a platform for exchange and collaboration.

La Ruche aims at promoting innovation by providing a physical space to social entrepreneurs. They aim to:

  • fight against discrimination,
  • create sustainable employment,
  • hold the financial sphere to account,
  • preserve the environment

The challenges tackled by social entrepreneurs here are huge but their values and motives are widely shared. To efficiently empower these developments, La Ruche offers an office space to allow entrepreneurs to work together and advice each other in a motivating ambiance. It also helps by putting social entrepreneurs with experienced people and companies.

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