La Paillasse
226 rue St Denis , 75002 Paris

La Paillasse is the largest biohacking and open science space in Europe.  

Located in the heart of Paris, it truly captures what is meant by open science, offering a place and the necessary equipment to test out concepts, carry out experiments, and interact across disciplines. La Paillasse started out in a squat in the suburbs of Paris in 2011. It was founded upon the ideas that underpin the “do it yourself biology” and “open source science” movements. Equipment was acquired from laboratories that were going to throw it away, not only recovering waste, but allowing them to open up a modern laboratory that is free!

Today, La Paillasse is located in a 750m2 building in the center of Paris. It is a place and a community where you can meet people outside of the formal laboratory setting. This has created an extraordinarily interdisciplinary community that is not bound by academic research areas, but created out of a hunger to learn, grow, and explore.  They offer workshops, events, a space for debate and interaction, along with technical, scientific equipment.

The creativity that this biohacker space allows has produced some really exciting results. One of which is organic ink that is environmentally friendly and can be re-produced by individuals.

You can visit La Paillasse during the metropolitan field trip to Paris. During this four-day field trip you will meet your professional peers and local City Makers.


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