La Louve
61 rue de la Goutte d'Or , 75018 Paris

La Louve is a food cooperative based on the cooperative model created in an area of New York (US) 40 years ago: the Park Slope Food Coop with 16,000 members. La Louve operates out at the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood, Paris. Members pay an annual fee of 100 euros and agree to work a three-hour shift once a month.

Members become owners and participate in meetings to determine how the business will run, including what products are offered. Initiators say that by asking members to contribute labour and time, they build a sense of community.

The coorperative aims to offer its members discounted quality food, giving priority to local producers and seasonal-fresh products. It promotes sustainable agriculture , both favorable to farmers and environmentally friendlyInitiators seek transparency in all acts of buying, selling, management and administration. It is managed by its members along with a few employees. This self-management model allows to offer the affordable prices while paying a fair prices to producers.

La Louve intends to be open to all!

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