La ideal
José Tamayo N24-260 y Lizardo García , 170143 Quito

La ideal is a multifunctional co-working space and an event room for exhibitions and concerts located between the neighborhood La Floresta and the neighborhood La Mariscal in Quito. This community place is open for input from people that visit, work and enjoy their time there – that again brings vibrant, constant change.

It is located in a former factory for wire and nail production in the north of Quito, constructed in 1939 by the architect Karl Kohn of the Czech Bauhaus. Since the beginning of 2015 several changes have been made in the space. In order to adapt to its new function, hosting up to 500 visitors, they transformed the entry side and included a ramp for better accessibility. 

During the process they sought to rescue the materials and obtained the cement, wood and brick, adding steel, to follow the industrial appeal of the factory. The whole interior part was designed and adapted to its new vocation – reusing what the old space was offering into chairs, tables, stage, lamps – like a stove that became a bench.

The space inside this warehouse is huge, consisting of two stories and a transition space that they use for the reception and storage. The first floor has a stage for events and several tables to work in groups. This room is connected to the Laboratorio space a pop-up restaurant that supports ‘La ideal’ when events are held; in the second floor a catwalk is mounted and in one of its corners there is a kitchen for the users of the co-working space.

It is possible to open up the roof on the second floor. This provides good light conditions for concerts or parties and bathes the co-working space in daylight.

La ideal is here to create network of different people that want a really nice place to work and have ideas to share.

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