A wonderful urban garden, managed entirely by the neighbors, stands today in the place of what used to be a piece of waste land where abandoned cars and trash were piling up.

The collective Moenia together with other groups such as La Fresquera, Mood Studio and La Galería de Magdalena started working on the organic garden in 2014. They groomed squares of soil and planted a few seeds, and sprouts. The garden isn’t just an enclosure of vegetables, fruits and herbs; among other things, children of the neighborhood come to play, and learn about horticulture. DIY workshops are organized for adults, parties host local music bands, actors initiate improv sessions, and movies are projected for everybody.

La Huerta de Tetuán has therefore became a lot more than a garden for the inhabitants of Tetuán. It is a social place for sharing, learning, bonding and laughing. Neighbors get to finally meet one another. Kids escape their urban environment for a moment. Friendships are forged.

Check out the picture gallery below to sense the atmosphere at la Huerta de Tetuán.

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Claudia Gonzáles
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