La Casa Encendida
Ronda Valencia, 2 , 28012 Madrid

La Casa Encendida (House on Fire) is a social and cultural center where artistic expressions meet and flourish. It is an institution created by Fundación Montemadrid, a non-profit private entity. The cultural agenda is composed of performing arts, films, exhibitions and other means of contemporary creations.

The activities of the house revolve around four themes: culture, environment, solidarity and education. Since its launch in 2002, la Casa Encendida supports young creators in the accomplishment of their initiatives through programs such as Emergencias 2.0, En Casa or Artistas en Residencia.

In addition to this, the casa offers a large and complete resources center opened to anyone: a library, a multimedia library and radio/photography labs.

If after these artistic activities, conferences or/and research you fancy a drink or something to drink, the building also hosts a cafeteria!

The building of the casa encendida, former location of Madrid’s Mount of Piety ©

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