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The initiative KAMA tries to integrate asylum seekers and migrants in the Austrian community by offering workshops given by the migrants and asylum seekers themselves.

KAMA was founded in 2006 in Vienna in response to the non-work permit for the asylum seekers and migrants coming to Austria. This work prohibition is disadvantageous in multiple ways since many migrants are educated and are more than willing to work. KAMA therefore decided to offer a platform where migrants can give workshops to everyone who is willing to learn something new. Although the initiative started in Vienna, locations have been opened in other Austrian cities as well: in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Klagenfurt to be exact.

Because of the non-work agreement, the migrants who give the workshops cannot be paid by the organization itself. However, through donations from the people that attend their classes, they can manage to generate money on their own. But making money is not the main aim of KAMA, rather the emphasis lies on the interaction between migrants and locals. In this way, both groups can exchange ideas and learn from each other. Asylum seekers and migrants pick up the German language while they share aspects of their culture with others.

The workshops that KAMA offers vary widely. Dance classes, music classes, cooking classes and language classes are only a few of the many lessons available. Specific examples are West-African drumming lessons and Armenian cooking classes.Because the initiators are convinced that every person has their own skills and knowledge that they can share, certificates or diplomas are not required for the migrants and asylum seekers to start giving classes. In addition to participating in workshops, another way to join is through attending the KAMA café, where new ideas and perspectives can be shared.



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