Joint (ad)venture of life — VinziRast-mittendrin
Lackierergasse 10 / corner Währingerstrasse 19 , 1090 Vienna
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VinziRast-mittendrin (Vienna) is a vibrant place where different groups of society connect. This is where students live together with formerly homeless people, where they listen to each other respectfully, interact without prejudice and share experiences.

The project was initiated by the students movement #unibrennt and the association Vinzenzgemeinschaft St. Stephan. And with financial support from the municipality and other donations it has been running successfully since May 2013.

In a collaboration with the architecture agency gaupenraub +/- the building, where VinziRast-mittendrin takes place, has been redeveloped. The aim of the reconstruction was to have  three floors, where 10 communities could settle and where every community composed of three individuals would share a common kitchen and living room. The building of 1500 square meters has other spaces such as the attic, rooms for workshops and a restaurant.

This project aims to deliver a message of a culturally, socially and economically diverse yet respectful community living in a city. The shared effort of volunteers, inhabitants and other employees attacks many visitors and the restaurant Mittendrin (‘right in the middle’) located in the building is a space where ideas as such reach a wider public.

It is a pilot project for homeless inclusion and having its success it represents a must formula for a city!

VinziRast; Architektur & BauForum

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