Instituto Do It Yourself
Calle Manuel Laguna, 19 , 28018 Madrid

The Instituto Do It Yourself is an initiative of the collective Todo por la Praxis. It is a workshop space in Madrid dedicated to collaborative learning. Its motto is Aprender haciendo, learning through making. To fulfill this motto, the space is shared and allows people to research, build, experiment and play.

The collective aims at encouraging knowledge and experience sharing. The workshop is a lab in which collaborative or single-person projects are developed to share and put into application. Many of their activities and learning processes have the purpose of being used in communities and in other citizen initiatives.

Shared education, and putting knowledge into practice are the two main themes of the center. Both themes grant space for social innovation and self-management.

The institute works in two ways:

  • Through subscriptions to the association, allowing the access the IDYS workshops, tools and gear to realize projects,
  • Through the IDYS School, where a formative program to the use of the workshop is given.
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