Ideas Factory
Prof. Nikola Mihaylov street, 12 , 1142 Sofia

In Sofia, Bulgaria you can find the Ideas Factory, known simply as ‘the Factory’, aka La Casa Azzurra, a space that has been created by 10 enthusiastic volunteers.

“Our passion is to prove that there is a Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King or at least a Bill Drayton sleeping in each and every one of us”.

Officially, the Ideas Factory is an organization that is made up of inspired enthusiasts that want to add creativity to the good causes many people have. In other words: connecting play (in the most broad sense of the word) and social change. Their mission: use the power of innovation to awaken our potential for social change. Their tools: non-formal education, creativity and networks of social innovators.

They host a total of 5 programs called the ‘Changemakers Academy‘, “Arts 4 Social Change’, ‘Social Innovations’, ‘Network’, ‘Public Visioning’, and ‘Ideas Factory Youth’. These programs host a number of projects ranging from street art to network events. You will definitely want to stop by and get inspired when in the neighborhood!


Involved city makers
Yanina Taneva
founder Ideas Factory
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in Sofia
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