Hotel Buiten
Th. J. Lammerslaan 1 , 1064 DH Amsterdam

Hotel Buiten is a project for residents in the area of Sloterplas as well as for people living outside of it. The project lets people get familiar with the nature around the area of the Sloterplas in an approachable way. With the unique character of the concept, the organisers give a quality impulse to the neighbourhood, as well as attributing to the image of Nieuw-West (the ‘New’ West neighbourhood in Amsterdam).

Hotel Buiten was founded 2012 and is always looking for new ways to develop. However, the name might lead you to think that you can stay overnight, you cannot sleep at Hotel Buiten yet. However, for now there is the café where  there is plenty of possibilities to enjoy good food and the calming powers of nature during the weekend. You can also rent the location from Monday to Friday, it can even be booked as a wedding location.

In 2015 Hotel Buiten will switch locations. Although they will stay close to the Sloterplas, the old building will no longer be used. It was an old wooden construction that was donated by DuraVermeer, and in the last year the place has been robbed 11 (!) times. The innovative hotspot will move closer to the lake, with help of neighbourhood residents. The design for the new building is ready, a permit from the municipality however still has to be acquired.

One of the main characteristics of the project is that it is temporary. Initiator Jeroen Jonkers describes it as a process, “It is a 1.5 version“. If the café proves to be a success, the profit can be the basis for the building the hotel.


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