Fotini Kipseli
, 11361 Athens Greece

Fotini Kispeli is an original initiative to improve the neglected urban image of Kipseli through the illumination of the entrances of buildings and through other uses of lightning. The immediate aim of this initiative is to soften the sense of decadence and insecurity experienced by residents and visitors alike due to the insufficient lighting in the area. A lot research has proven that the the lighting of public spaces helps reduce the crime rate and limit other delinquent behaviours such as vandalisms through tagging. In the long term, the Fotini Kipseli initiative aims to upgrade the quality of life in the area, encouraging Athenians to choose Kipseli again as a place of residence or even to return to the houses they may already own in the area.

In order to implement the initiative, the team of Fotini Kipseli runs an online and offline campaign in order to inform the residents of the area of the benefits of lighting as well as on the most appropriate and affordable means of lightning. In cooperation with specialised professionals, sponsors and suppliers further cut cost cuts so that residents and entrepreneurs who are willing to adopt the practice in their houses and businesses can. To communicate its mission effectively, Fotini Kipseli also organises special one-time events by cooperating with citizens’ groups of the area, businesses, media sponsors and -via synAthina– with services of the municipality of Athens.

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