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Färgfabriken is located in a redeveloped paint factory, where artist paint and house paint was manufactured back in the day. Since 1995 Färgfabriken has been producing a rich variety of exhibitions and diverse activities in the fields of art, architecture and urban development. Furthermore Färgfabriken is a meeting place for lively debates, discussions, seminars and serves as a node for many exciting projects that occur off-site.


Färgfabriken’s work is experimental and interdisciplinary. They strive to create and provide the conditions for new thinking, innovative ideas and unusual exhibition projects. These provide their audiences with memorable experiences and often start ongoing debates. Färgfabriken makes room for the unexpected by bringing together different perspectives and interests from the areas of art, architecture and social science.

©Åke E.son Lindman

©Åke E.son LindmanProducing their exhibitions and projects requires them to create points of contact and meetings with other groups and creative individuals including artists, architects and representatives of the business community and public sector alike. This diverse network comes together for interesting meetings in a variety of constellations, providing all of them with new experiences, thoughts and ideas — and often unexpected results.

Over the years Färgfabriken’s projects have expanded upon what is considered possible. They have developed the experience needed to lead creative processes towards concrete results — experience that they are happy to share.

Henri Dono ©Färgfabriken

Henri Dono ©Färgfabriken

Experiment Stockholm 

Färgfabriken works with experimental projects with a connection to architecture and society, frequently in collaboration with operators in these different fields. For example, their exhibition Experiment Stockholm seeks to examine and experiment with strategies and solutions for dealing with the challenges of a rapidly growing Stockholm region.

Experiment Stockholm ©Anna Asplind

Färgfabriken’s engagement with other sites is an important component of our work. Alongside their on-site program, they develop both national and international projects that extend far beyond the walls of their building. This is often initiated at first on-site at Färgfabriken, through partnerships with organisations such as cultural institutions and universities.

Activities may include education, workshops and exhibitions – projects that build upon the general idea of Färgfabriken as a place and a context and subsequently move off-site and abroad. Along the way, new conversations, discussions and experiences unfold; important additions and new perspectives arise that they bring with them into their future work.

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Färgfabriken, Stockholm
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