Fabrica Club in Bucharest south
11 iunie nr.50 , Bucharest
+40 21.335.0323

We will visit Fabrica Club as a part of our Metropolitan Field Trip Bucharest from Thursday the 9th of June until Sunday the 12th of June. The programme and registration form are available here!

In a quiet neighborhood just a few steps away from the central Unirii square and behind the patriarch hill a vibrant place can be found at Fabrica, located in a former socks factory. The place opened in 2007 as a venue for concerts. Since then the small complex was converted gradually over time. A big terrace forms the center and is enclosed by a café and small shops for urban culture and craft studios, such as a bicycle and skateboard shop and a leather workshop. The terrace has the shape of a courtyard, enclosed by the historical buildings and opening up to the street.  An ideal place to enjoy a cold beer and a pizza and watch the kids play in the playground. From the central terrace the rooftop terrace can be reached.  Theatre and music performances still take place in the concert hall, where it all once started with.

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