This a creative area! This is a place to get together! This is a place for sharing! This is a place where ecologic values are defended! This is a self-managed project! Esta es una plaza! (This is a public space!). A place where knowledge and work are promoted by collective action.

In the neighbourhood of Lavapies, seven years ago a group of “Operarios del espacio público” supported by local community decided to build a common place for everyone. The main goal was to create a public space for the enjoyment of the community. Through cultural activities, “Esta es una plaza” reflects about the utilisation of urban public spaces.  

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Common dinners, performances and workshops are among the large range of activities they organise. All of those who want to get involve and take care of this public space can do it through their Foro or attending to their monthly meeting. The space is also available for those who would like to help maintaining the orchard or learn how to fix their own bikes!

Do not forget! “Esta es una plaza” is always open on Sundays and sunny days.

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