Energie & Reparatur Café
Florianigasse 65/17 , A-1080 Vienna

The Energie & Reparatur café brings people together that want to find alternatives to our throw-away culture. In the gatherings people are taught how to repair their own devices in a relaxed environment. Ideas about being more energy efficient and less wasteful are discussed.

Hein Tschürtz from the company Tschürtz Services and Dennis Müller are the initiators of the project. On the website they write that although their initiative is small, it is a start of something big. The Energie & Reparatur café gathers twice a month in different café’s around the Josefstadt district of Vienna. During the meet-ups repair-experts and energy-experts are present to answer every possible question on their topics. Behind the initiative lies the idea that most broken products are easily fixed. Often only one part is malfunctioning, while the rest of the product is still in a good state. By repairing broken supplies, the first step to a better world is made.

There are two different types of gatherings in which you can participate. In the first one, ideas are exchanged around the themes energy, reparation and sustainability. The second meet-up is a DIY evening where you are encouraged and taught how to repair, upcycle and get creative. Both types of gatherings are free to attend.

What makes this repair café unique is the combination of repairing and energy saving. Not only help is offered with repairing products, but people also receive tips and exchange ideas about how to safe money on their electricity and gas bills.

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