El campo de la cebada
Plaza la Cebada 4 , Madrid

Put an empty plot in community hands and wait to see how many things can just suddenly emerge. A sport center has already been planned for this space in the neighborhood of La Latina. But until the plan takes shape, El campo de La Cebada is a temporary initiative that requires your help! At the moment a series of videos are running on Facebook asking for  support in order to initiate a new project in the space. The project entails several cultural activities and infrastructure facilities for the enjoyment of the inhabitants.

It has been six years since the only public sports center was demolished. After its demolition, a cement hole has been waiting for a new building to be constructed. Neighbors are still waiting. In spite of this, since October 2010, the residents of Madrid tried to transform this “hole” into a different/renewed public space, in which the neighbors have a greater role in its management. In the project, they propose that the final implementation of the projects can allow and encourage the continuation of `El campo de La Cebada’, keeping the local community involved in the transformation of the public space.  The neighbors ask to be taken into the account when decisions regarding the plot are taking place. 

Among the project demands, there is the stimulation of construction of temporary spaces, benches, stages etc. in order to make interactions among inhabitants more common and frequent.   In this way, the plot can still be used as a great meeting point for everyone.  Also, the support of the community in the urban farm/ garden initiative is another important issue that worries the neighbors around “La Cebada”. The garden has been created and is looked after by local residents, intending to mirror how life can be found in the pavement.  Its cultural use is essential. They also intend to make a place for associations and groups to develop cultural programs related to music, dance, theatre, film, discussions, etc. The renovations include building a better, transparent and strong fence to avoid vandalism in it during the closed hours.

© El campo de la cebada

These temporary changes are required while the actual sport center planed for the area is established. The neighbors look forward to having the center ready as long as the main goal is fulfilled: Community building! Support La Cebada via Facebook!

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