Design Post Industrie in Halele Carol courtyard
Constantin Istrati nr. 1. , sector 4 Bucharest

We will visit Halele Carol as a part of our Metropolitan Field Trip Bucharest from Thursday the 9th of June until Sunday the 12th of June. The programme and registration form is available here!

The exhibition ‘Design Post Industrie’ in the courtyard of Halele Carol (Hesper factory) consists of five landscape interventions by artists and architects from Norway and Romania. The event was conducted by Zeppelin Association in partnership with USF Bergen.

The five designers of the projects are:
– Marit Haugen (No )
– Erlend Blakstad Haffner (No )
– Finn Eirik Modahl & Arne Revheim (No )
– Meta van Drunen ( Ro/NL )
– Constantin Goagea ( Ro )
Curators: Evy Sorensen, Cosmina Goagea and Stefan Ghenciulescu

The project offers the opportunity to transform the garden of this industrial area into a public space opened through art. The exhibition Design Post Industrie, which opened in May 2015, investigates the relationship of cities and nature with contemporary culture focusing on using wood – a traditional material both in Romania as well as in Norway. The factory is located next to the Carol park. With a series of events made possible through EEA grants attention is drawn on the south western part of Bucharest. The project answers to the needs of development of cultural and educational activities in this part of the city and adds to the intentions of the local authorities to revitalize the Carol Park.

The exhibition is part of a wider project, a place making methodology aiming at a type of revival and transformation process based on events and people’s energy. Place making means branding, marketing, PR, communication, invention through architecture, design and art, all these practices different from the classical architectural restauration made on the order of an investor. The way this methodology was formulated seemed to have led to a real impact. Before being entirely renovated, before undergoing a restauration process, the empty halls form Hesper S.A. area were temporary occupied in the summer of 2015 by events and by an interested audience.

Halele Carol (Carol Factory) represents a pioneering project in Bucharest, a project discussing the issue of industrial spaces as a valuable component for the city and bringing to the front new types of multi-disciplinary collaboration. The project is a cultural initiative and gave a new name to the place, without claiming itself from the previous ones, still being aware and cherishing the place’s history.

In the winter of 2012, Zeppelin Association and Eurodite initiated the process of transformation of the factory to address the value of iconic industrial building complexes and to increase awareness on the potential for re-use of such industrial areas. In 2014 the place opened to the public for the first time during the  Carol Factory Night and many events, concerts, lectures and workshops followed. People came to Halele Carol who had never been in this part of the city before.

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