Darwin Ecosysteme
87 Quai de Queyries , Bordeaux

Initiated by entrepreneurs from Bordeaux, the Darwin Ecosysteme has been devoted, since 2008, to renovate the deserted warehouses in the former Niel Military Barracks, a part of Bordeaux’s historical heritage. Darwin Ecosysteme is an incubator for sustainable development through fun eco-friendliness to impact sustainable behavior.

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Today, Darwin hosts a large panel of activities, spread on 3 hectares: green and creative economy companies, co-working space, business incubators, cultural, artistic, architectural and social events, urban culture, shared gardens, nautical club, sustainable food store & restaurant… more than 117 SME’s and 40 associations (about 400 people) work and innovate together. It is a hybrid and fluid place where different cultural and economical dynamics come together to create a genuine ecosystem for creativity and frugality.

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In their open form of financial support, they garner funds from a maximum amount of parties to create a open governance model. The diversity of those involved creates an opportunity for their knowledge and background to be brought to the table to discuss the future developments. Darwin Ecosystem believes in cooperation over competition, while being realistic.

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