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In an old factory along the Spree river in Berlin, furniture and other designs are made by and for refugees, incorporating materials of the Lampedusa boatwrecks in which they made the dangerous journey to Europe. This is ‘CUCULA,’ a pilot project and association that helps refugees build their professional future by providing a workshop as well as an educational program.

‘CUCULA’, originating from the Hausa language in western central Africa, means ‘to do something together,’ and ‘to take care of each other.’ Indeed, they live up to that meaning as they give refugees the opportunity to “learn and experiment collectively”, hereby opening up perspective for them. They do this first and foremost by providing access to education: not only do the refugees learn how to make and design furniture, they also get language classes, legal advice, and the money raised by selling the furniture is invested in their scholarships.

Here, 5 refugees are lifting themselves out of a victimized and isolated status, not only together with the designers of CUCULA, but with experts, interested parties and voluntary support. As their workplace has burned down some months ago, they are now looking for a new place, so join them in the process!




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Sebastian Däschle
Designer and Founder CUCULA
Corinna Sy
Designer and Founder of CUCULA
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