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Skudehavnsvej 25 , 2150 Nordhavn Copenhagen
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PB43 is a consortium of interdisciplinary companies, organizations and associations associated with cultural production, urban development, product design and entrepreneurship. Starting in 2010, the former paint factory provides a framework for collaboration along innovative products and projects in cooperation with local and international partners. With over 150 diverse members, each one has a personal ownership to a small part of the site and thus to the overall development of a unique working partnership.

Everyone uses their combined networks, experience, partners and other resources to strengthen their projects; this is where the partnership between KPH (Copenhagen project house) began. Their partnership seeks to influence the discourse surrounding the opportunities for mixed cultural entrepreneurship in the city, while remaining politically neutral. Whats special is that the PB43 users are not bound together by any ideology other than the passion for creation and as a result, collaboration. The atmosphere is encouraging and makes it seem everything is possible; decisions move quickly and money can be granted in a short time.

With its low rents, PB43 establishes a fundamental platform on which members develop a sustainable entrepreneurial model in a cultural environment. The cheap space is exactly what makes it accessible to those who would not have had the opportunity to develop their ideas and dreams. The amount of space available makes it possible for the PB43-ers to think big and test out their ideas in the amount of space in the complex. This provides the context for mental space and openness for production.

PB43 provided a setting for user-driven development for the area to boost vibrancy in an open sustainable way with social and cultural activities. The temporary reuse of the space engages within national and international urban development trends.  Unfortunately the Dutch company Akzo Nobel has decided to sell the building to become a storage warehouse and will official close down on March 1, 2015.  This follows the trend of flexible and cheap post-industrial spaces that are becoming more difficult to find.

For the magic to continue, they are in search for a new space. The Nordhavn location they are considering (temporarily) is not as cheap or flexible. One possibility is to start out with low rents and gradually increase them as initiatives establish themselves and encourage them to move on to keep in beneficial for all users. Only the future can tell what will become of dream factories.

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