Coopérative Alimentaire de la Goutte d’Or
rue Myrha, 38 , 75018 Paris
+33 1 46 06 74 72

The Cooperative Alimentaire de la Goutte d’Or is a successful self-managed little grocery store on rue Myrha, in the popular 18th district of Paris also known as “la Goutte d’Or”.

Set as an alternative to mass-market retailing, Cooparis was created by a groupe of socially and ecologically concerned consumers who believed fair made and eco-friendly products in Paris shouldn’t be reserved to a privileged bubble.

Organic, sustainable and local, the store promotes fair working conditions for producers and transparency for consumers. You know what you eat, where it comes from and how it was produced.

The market is made possible thanks to the cooperation of its members/clients. The minimal requirements to shop there is to contribute with a membership of 15€ a year and to work for a few hours each semester. The store is managed democratically based on a “one member, one vote” principle. This system allows the store to keep prices as low as possible and it creates a convivial atmosphere.

Victim of its own success, the store needs a wider space to be able to welcome its members and groceries.

To know more about Cooparis and their events, visit their facebook page or their website.

Discover the store and its convivial atmosphere through this short video (Frenchness guaranteed).

Coopaparis door nouveauxmessagers

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