Meet Natassa Dourida, a Greek renovation specialist who got tired of watching the heritage buildings of her historic city decay, whilst being unable to find the permissions or money to do anything about it. So she decided to try something a little different. Together with a passionate group of friends she started approaching heritage owners, to convince them to open their buildings up to the public, then bring life into them through music, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and use the revenue for the much-needed renovation.

Currently the group is working on a neoclassical mansion in the Metaxourgeio neighborhood. Sometimes the progress feels slow, but the derivative rewards make it worth it for Natassa and her team. When the building is open, local residents often drop by to see the old mansion from the inside for the first time and both local and international artists appreciate the opportunity to showcase their work in such a monumental location.

People who visit their events often spontaneously offer their help, either through labor, materials or a contact – or by playing a gig at their next event. By the end of autumn 2016 they hope to host weekly events and develop a methodology, to inspire others to open up and renovate Athens’ heritage


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