CityChange: Making Change Happen
Karaiskaki 28 , Athens
(+30) 6942431513

CityChange is a project founded in Athens to bring citizens and the municipality staff closer together. Motivated by a need to resolve political and social apathy, it provides a means of communication to make people take part in the shaping of their city environment. There is no doubt this project will have a positive impact on the Greek cityscape. 

CityChange wants to create a mentality of change and progress. How? The first step is the crowdsourcing of ideas from citizens. The second step is the processing of these ideas and sending them to the municipality, ensuring an efficient way of collaboration. In the long term CityChange wants to find the bottlenecks of the system and solve them, to create a city environment where information and good governance flows naturally.

“Our platform is anonymous, especially because we don’t want to promote favouritism or prioritization.”, says Pavlos Peridis, founder of CityChange, “we want to erase the lines that divide us.” 

CityChange believes in the technique of positive promotion. It will post succes-stories on their blog to make people aware of the impact of their contributions, as well as create an intrinsic motivation for municipality workers to enhance the quality of public space. By doing this it aims to create a city environment where people realize what their role is in the bigger picture and take action.

The platform is a very fresh social initiative, so we are very eager to see what it’s further development looks like!

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