Costa do Castelo nr.1/7 , 1149-079 Lisbon
(00) (351) 21 885 55 50

Not many people know exactly what Chapitô is, but most often times, it rings a bell. Situated in a quiet street in Alfama, the white building covered with circus posters is not hard to miss. Built over 400 years ago, Costa do Castelo was used to be a prison but is now a state funded school for performing arts and crafts; the home of Chapitô.

Chapitô is not only a professional school; it also hosts a theatre company, a restaurant, a live music bar, a daycare center, and is an open house and circus school that works to reintegrate socially vulnerable youth. Chapitô also hosts, creates, and produces shows, performances, promotional events, business events, anniversaries and all sorts of festivals.

Chapitô is a multidisciplinary space where culture, education and social intervention come together to create a better society. It’s a free space for experiment where mistakes can be made, and where art can be professionalized and activate civil society. As they say: “we are a cultural backside and a humanistic forefront”.




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