Cascina Cuccagna
Via Privata Cuccagna, 2 , 20135 Milano
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In Milan, a pioneering project tries to combine the need of requalification of an historical old farm and the initiatives for the aggregation of citizens in the city centre. The result is a new space where locals can find an organic restaurant, a farmer market or courses of theatre.

Milan is nowadays one of the most vital and vibrant cities in Europe. The wonderful experience of EXPO 2015 has brought a new impetus and the technological innovation has shaped the new status of Milan as a global city.

Meanwhile, many parts of the urban context preserve the historical heritage of Milan. In particular, the municipality owns and protects 60 old farms, which are the witnesses of the agricultural history of this zone. One of the best examples is “Cascina Cuccagna” which is within the urban context of the city centre.

Built at the end of 17th century, it is now a beautiful place for social aggregation. In 2012, the renovation operated by an association of social organisations led to the re-opening of this space. The involvement of the civil society in the renewal of an old farm was a pioneering idea. Before 2012, the association had worked for the engagement of citizens to this project. As the old farm was recognised for its relevance by the whole local community, the creators’ idea was to prevent the historic place from decaying and create a space for a free interaction between people from different cultural and political backgrounds.

The main topics of “Cascina Cuccagna” are organic food, eco-friendly resources and community building. The farm hosts many services: an organic restaurant, a small hostel, a weekly farmer market, a cycle laboratory and public vegetable garden. Lessons for local schools about environmental awareness and services for locals as legal or fiscal assistance are also provided.

Everyone is free to join in and propose new activities. Many groups animate the farm and promote activities such as book crossing or cinema festivals. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy the peculiarity of this place in the relaxing premises, where it is possible to find a green and quiet spot inside the noisy city.

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