Casa Mitómana, Invernadero Cultural
Martin de Utreras N31-296 y Mariana de Jesus , Quito

It seems to be a common house in a common residential neighbor. You can see some colorful fringes in the façade and the door wide open. Once you go inside something changes and you realise this is not an ordinary place. You are about to discover the surprises and the variety of activities this “Story Teller” house offers, in the most unexpected place in the city!

In the Eastern area of Quito, a medical area merges with a residential neighbourhood. A reference point is the Rumipamba Ecological and Archaeological Park, a green landmark for the city. Just crossing the Avenue, you will find La casa Mitómana,Invernadero Cultural (The Mythoman House, Cultural Green House), a spot which is dedicated to manage and develop cultural and artistic projects.

After crossing the building entrance, you can feel the welcoming atmosphere of a library. The walls are full of books about plastic arts, photography, theater, architecture, philosophy national and Latin-American narrative and poetry. Some of this books are new and are waiting for buyers; others have several years of experience, and would like to be exchanged. This space is often used for dialogs and discussions, book releases and dramatic readings with special guests.

Walking down the stairway, you’ll find the video and recording studio where movies, castings, photographic sessions and workshops take place. Here is also a classic photo development laboratory, where the dark room is used by photography students during workshops.

Going up stairs, and then down stairs again to another area, you can smell the coffee and the food prepared by the Recetarium, La Casa Mitómana’s restaurant-café. The chef’s proposal is to offer practical and useful cooking workshops, which means easy and daily menus for singles or couples.

Passing down Recetarium, a door opens to the backyard, which has been turned into a place for Cine al Patio (yard cinema). The yard is shielded from sun and rain, transforming itself based of the amount of people coming (it has had about 110 guests) and is suitable for movie projections, concerts, dialogs, lectures and book releases.

Returning to where you started, you can continue to explore the space further up. You will find the “Residence of Creation”, an habitation with a private office and bathroom, where foreign artists can stay while working on their personal projects, all they´ll have to do is fill this form.

Through the next door, you will find co-working offices which are semi-private. The Mythoman House was design for creative workers, and its always open so don’t worry if a brilliant idea comes to you at 03:00am in the morning, you have unlimited hours to work monthly and the house keys! It is good to remember that you have discounts in the library, in any event, in the restaurant, and priority in the use of all the spaces. Is your house! Well, the artist in the room next door also lives here and has those rights too.

Now you have two options to continue going up. If you wish you can take the normal stairs made from concrete, or maybe you would prefer the interesting iron helical staircase! Well, the truth is that right now you are only a spectator and you can not chose any of them, it depends on the play of the season. What does this mean?

The idea is that both staircases take you to the same place: The Performing Arts Room, which is similar to a small theater, but it is a very interesting space that adapts according to the concept of the play. So (if you continue being only a spectator) sometimes you will use the iron stairs and others the concrete ones. No matter the occasion, the room is enjoyable, not only for plays and theatre workshops, but also for dialogs, discussions and lectures.

Discovering Casa Mitómana is great, yet you need to have a good memory of the starting point, or you get lost in this labyrinth of creativity and culture.

The collective Artes Escénicas named the house Mythoman, because the word refers to people which like to invent stories. The house was created with the idea of coexistence space, where different types of art come together, transforming the space into an artistic incubator.

La Casa Mitomana wants to develop the idea of multiescenary and transcultural projects, in which workshops, plays, dialogs, food, literature, cinema and photography, are related and formulated around a thematic or a concept, mobilizing all the house.

“The impact we have generated in the city has been interesting, because the projects and the artists we have received in this first year have been of a great trajectory, and the public acceptance has been great too!”  David Samaniego, administrator


The creative minds behind Casa Mitomana are Pamela Jijón, Gabriela Ponce and David Samaniego, three citizens that decided to take upon themselves the task of transforming the neighbourhood and fostering creative thinking in the East side of Quito. (video)

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