Casa Jepie Makandra
Opheusdenhof 112 , 1106 TW Amsterdam

Casa Jepie Makandra literally means: the house of helping each other and this is exactly what the organisation does. It is meant for the inhabitants of the area, a neighbourhood with a high poverty rate. Here, seniors and people with a disability are assisted to cope with with the challenges they face in their daily lives. The door of Casa Jepie Makandra is always open for those who do not know where to go, and want help to solve their problems. 

The method ‘for people, by people‘ is the core of the policy of Casa Jepie Makandra, which means that they try to connect residents by letting them help each other. Amongst its activities are: a breakfast club (for children), computer lessons, and biking and walking together. The neighbours can also come up with their own activities.

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