Buiksloterham , Amsterdam

You can visit this area during the City Maker Summit that will take place from May 27 through the 30th.  It will be part of the Noord Route on Day Three of the Summit.  Register here!

Buiksloterham is an area in Amsterdam-Noord, on the other side of the IJ river. It is called a ‘living lab for the circular city’, an experiment that will completely change the neighbourhood. Amsterdam-Noord was previously known as an industrial area where many companies that built boats were located due to its location next to the water. However, the drain of the industrial area to third world countries, together with the financial crisis, caused the area to empty out. In the midst of this collapse, some realised this was the start of something new. 

A manifest was signed at Pakhuis de Zwijger on the 5th of March in 2015 by local entrepreneurs, City Council members and big water and energy companies. When the contract was signed, only 252 citizens were registered as residents. Not only does the project have the ambition to make this area circular, it also wants to create new housing facilities. The rise of residents however will result in a higher demand of gas, energy and water, and an increase in waste. This requires a lot of creativity from the different parties. Circular initiatives can get a 10-year lease on a piece of land in Noord to experiment with their ideas in real life. A successful circular project in Amsterdam-Noord is de Ceuvel, a polluted former ship wharf in the that has been made into a sustainable workplace for creative and social enterprises.

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