Budapest Bike Maffia
Kazinczy utca 14 , 1075 Budapest
+36 6 20 258 24 78

“Empathy | Respect | Love | RIDE!” is their slogan. The Budapest Bike Mafia (BBM) is a non-profit founded on Christmas Eve 2011 by a group of young cyclists. They decided spontaneously to prepare about 150 sandwiches and took their bikes to distribute them to those who spent that night in the street, with no family or friends to go to. From that day on, they have been combining the biking culture, respectful of the environment, with social work to help out homeless people, poor families who struggle making the ends meet, children, elderly people, and even animal shelters.

In order to do so, usually they prepare meals using food they collect at the local market, donations or revenues from the sale of home-made products. BBM also organises creative events that rally people from different social classes, age groups, needs and talents. For example, last summer they set up Guerilla Piknik, a series of impromptu picnics with homeless people in the city.

If you live in Budapest, you can also join events called ‘Bike Nite’. The first part of the evening is dedicated to food distribution by bike, followed by a party with the BDM Community.

BDM is quite active, “in more than one and a half years of existence, the members of the organization has delivered several tons of food, toys, or useful things essential to life on two wheels in the name of selfless help.”

Your can learn more about this project by watching this short documentary that features an interview with the founder of Budapest Bike Maffia, Zoltán Havasi. You can also check their website and Facebook page to follow their latest news.

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Zoltán Havasi
Founder of Budapest Bike Maffia
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