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Auto*Mat promotes better environment for a good-quality life in the city. The association supports public, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Inspired by other European capitals, they aim to activate people to a positive change of streets and public spaces. They involve politicians in this process and supervise an efficient use of public finances. Currently, they are involve in Zažít město jinak (Different city experience). Learn about Auto*Mat!

Auto*Mat was founded in 2003 as an informal platform, which in 2007 was transformed into a civic association. Currently, Auto*Mat is part of an international initiative to improve the situation in the cities of World Car-free Network.

One of their initiatives is Different city experience, a series of street celebrations, taking place as part of the European Mobility Week, which aims to make Europeans aware of the advantages of sustainable transportation and development.

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Previous Initiatives

Angels in the StreetsAuto*Mat invited the community to participate in this initiative where white angels with veils covering their faces simply helped pedestrians to cross at difficult places, they appeared at unexpected places in the middle of the traffic jungle or they stood on the roadside and looked at passing cars. Some were happy, some were sad, but they definitely made people think about their city that day.

The Break. A traffic obstacle: a pianist playing and singing his song on a piano, the choir and string players on the sidewalk. A negligible few minutes of disturbance in the flow of the city made people wonder and reflect about the uses of public spaces. Was it totally inappropriate for a pianist to play his song in the middle of a highway, or did the pianist actually belong to the space and it was the highway that was totally inappropriate in the heart of the city?

A Perfect Walk: People were invited to take a walk with the association. The experience of walking the city was the main goal.  From street theatres, performances till experiencing the city for ordinary activities such as interacting with others, lying and relaxing outdoors.

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