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You can visit this initiative during the City Maker Summit that will take place from May 27 through the 30th.  It will be part of the Zuid-Oost Route on Day Three of the Summit.  Register here!

Amstel3 is an office area in the South-East of Amsterdam, situated between the railway that connects Amsterdam to Utrecht and theA2 highway. The area was part of a bigger plan to expand the city and was planned according to the then popular division of city functions. Although the area is well situated – it is close to the Amsterdam Arena and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) – you can find a lot of empty buildings in Amstel3. This poses a problem on the one hand, but offers new opportunities for initiatives that have been pushed out of the city centre on the other hand. 

As of 2014, Amstel3 is following a flexible development plan in which the whole office strip has a variety of different functions. Since this plan was first enacted, plenty of new initiatives and services have been implemented in the area, making the area livelier and more diverse. To kickstart the transformation of Amstel 3, Saskia Beer founded the ‘glamourmanifest’.


During the last four years, the Glamourmanifest has aimed at connecting and activating different local stakeholders in order to create a community and support. Online and offline actions have put the transformation of the area on the agenda of a variety of people and companies as an approachable and fun topic to think about and participate in. ZO!City is the new name of the Glamourmanifest and brings area cooperation to a higher level.

Saskia de Beer presents TransformCity® at Pakhuis de Zwijger | Source:


TransformCity is an online tool for area development. By making use of an interactive map, the online dashboard gives an overview of the different activities in an area. The map offers the possibility to share information about the area, such as a change in urban planning or the collective buy of solar panels. Secondly, new initiatives are offered a platform, and stakeholders can find new business partners. Thirdly, office rental companies put their spaces on the platform, and interested parties can have a detailed view of what the area has to offer.

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