Allee du Kaai
Avenue Du Port 49 – 55 , Brussels
+32 474 50 81 94 / +32 474 74 56 18

Allee du Kaai is a spontaneous action zone open for participation in the form of myriad activities and opportunities, while directly connecting with the neighborhood. Started by Toestand, a group of enthusiastic City Makers, seeking to bring  magic to the empty wide open spaces at the edge of the center. On the temporarily reactivated plot along the water stands the four buildings with an open green space in between, adding to a total of 7000 square meters inside and outside.

With the people for the people

Together with the neigborhood, Toestand offers a variety of events such as acrobatic lessons, skateboard lessons, ping pong, administrative assistance, rap-rhyme writing workshops, bike construction workshops, rabbit house building, bus cinema building and freestyle sessions. You can even attend alternative music concerts at their partners and good friends’ Magasin 4.

Furthermore, Allee du Kaai hosts activities such as building workshops where you can learn construction, wood processing, and painting. Additionally, there is a meeting space set up by the non profit La Table to promote contact between artists, psychiatric patients and any other interested folks around artistic and culinary exchanges. The People’s Kitchen, run by CollectActif who aim to create a horizontal solidarity through action of recovery, transformation and redistribution of food, offers vegetarian dishes every saturday for PWYW.

Such diverse activities really bring life to the emptiness with new meanings and experiences through an open and experimental mentality. The citizen project is meant to be a fun, informal meeting place for social, cultural and sports projects with a participatory approach.


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