It’s hard not to notice it. The building’s crazy façade makes a fun contrast with the typical Haussmannian architecture around it. Located in rue de Rivoli, one of the busiest and most touristic streets of Paris, 59 Rivoli is a former squat established in 1999 that gained the approval of the City Hall to sets itself in the longer term.

Free, open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1pm to 8pm, tourists, locals, young or old, everyone is welcome to give a little visit of the building to discover the works of the many artists presented there. About thirty of these artists have their own workshop on one of the six floors of the building.

Events and concerts are often taking place there and for more info on it, check the building’s website, facebook page or twitter account.

Check this short interview (in French) of the artist Francesco Bouhbal done by singer Brisa Roché.

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