Warsaw Food Cooperative
Srebrna 12 , Warsaw

Warsaw Food Cooperative has been active since 2010 as an informal food cooperative of conscious consumers who want to build a just, democratic and ecological economy and create a community of like-minded citizens. By collectively purchasing healthy food at a fair price, while respecting the goals and values of the cooperative, they aim to meet the needs of the needs of its members, rather than making a profit.

The growing cooperative network of producers and consumers aims to buy mostly organic produce, meet ethical standards, and bypass the middlemen to keep prices affordable and remain accessible to everyone. The organisation is managed through a non-hierarchical structure and the most important decisions are made by the collective. The co-op is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of political outlook or religion.

The cooperative’s core business is ordering fruits and vegetables once every two weeks through a system of contracts with local food producers, currently a farmer from the Garwolin district. The content of the produce boxes varies with each season and depends on the availability of particular products as well as suggestions from members of the cooperative. The price of a box of fruits and vegetables does not exceed zł30.00, ensuring affordability to all. It is possible to order more than one box per person, and selected products are offered through through individual orders for an additional fee.

The Warsaw Food Cooperative has been working with a social sharing network, exchanging goods and services free of charge. To further diversify their offer, the cooperative wants to extend their services to organic household cleaning products in the future, such as environment-friendly washing powder.

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